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Photo by sheng chiieh chen

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Artist / Flower artist

Norihiko Kamei completed his graduate studies at Tokyo Zokei University in 2007, and holds a master's degree in Sogetsu School. Since university, he has studied tea ceremony and flower arrangement and creates works using natural materials such as flowers and grasses, taking an unprecedented approach in the world of flowers. In recent years, he has exhibited his "Hanayama" series in Holland, France, and Germany. In July 2020, he opened his atelier "Ame Kitakamakura" in Kamakura City.

Born in JAPAN

2000 Completed Osaka prefectural Konan hight school of design and finearts

2004 Completed bachelor's degree  Tokyo Zokei University

2007 Completed Master’s Degree Tokyo Zokei University

2020 Opened "Ame Kita Kamakura" in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Solo Exhibitions

2005 「Kamei norihiko solo exhibitions TOUKA -WAGASHI-」futaba gallery(Tokyo)

2006 「loolk inside」Tokyo Zokei University

Group Exhibitons

2005 「EXPANDISH」Embassy of Sweden(Tokyo)

2006 「A lunch」AXIS GALLERY ANNEX(Tokyo)

2006 「WAGASHI art exhibition」TORAYA gallery(Tokyo)

2006 「WAGASHI exhibition 」spiral(Tokyo)

2007 「OPEN」Gallery 5610(Tokyo)

2012 「Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition」TAKASHIMAYA Nihonbashi store

2013 「Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition」TAKASHIMAYA Nihonbashi store

2014 「Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition」TAKASHIMAYA Nihonbashi store

2014 「Space tea party」MITSUKOSHI Nihonbashi store

2015 「Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition」TAKASHIMAYA Nihonbashi store

2016 「MIYAVIE flower demonstration」ISETAN Shinjyuku store

2016 「Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition」TAKASHIMAYA Nihonbashi store

2018 「The invitation to antiques」INOUYE ORIENTAL ART 

2019 「MONO JAPAN」Lloyd Hotel Nederland Amsterdam


2020  「Maison&Objet」 Paris France

2020  「Ambiente」 Frankfurt Germany

2023  「Osaka Art & Design 」 Osaka Hankyu Umeda

2023  「âme exhibition 」 Palais Royale 3m2  Paris France



Fukui Prefecture Ono City


2007  ZOKEI Prize at“Graduation Exhibition of Tokyo Zokei University”

2012  Recognized Teacher of Sogetsu Ikebana

2019 「MJ Award」MONO JAPAN 2019

2019 「Young Designer Award 2019」IFFT/Interior Life Style Living 2019

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