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Art product brand  "Ame (Rain)”

Admire the grandeur of nature in a single indoor scene or in the palm of your hand. Like bonsai, tsuboniwa gardens (spot gardens), and the engawa(porch), the products created by Norihiko Kamei express a very Japanese sensibility. They are not only fresh flowers, but also preserved flowers and art flowers, all of which are intended to bring a sense of enrichment to the heart, just as when you see nature. With this wish in mind, he has named the group of works "Ame(Rain)".


The "Circle Window" series is to be hung on the wall like a painting. It represents the ideal view outside a circular cut-out window. Made from Art flowers, which can be enjoyed for a longer period , it represents a life-size view of the landscape as seen by a person through a window. It is more akin to painting in its sense of expressing depth within a flat surface. In the world of Zen, the beautiful and serene world seen through the circular window frame is said to represent the mind of enlightenment or the universe. If you look at the wall, you will see a view that will never fade away.



A treasure box in the palm of your hand, where the act of opening the lid helps to set your mind at ease. Made by an iron craftsman, the Tamatebako series items are flower gardens made of small flowers, and enclosed in lidded containers. When you open the heavy iron lid, you will be able to see a vivid view. The enjoyment of gently opening the lid, and the pleasure of closing it. Keeping it hidden.



A single flower vase of preserved flowers that adorns the occasion. Like an imaginary forest, the green part is made of preserved flower leaves and moss, and will remain same green color for two to three years. A small glass vase is hidden in the greenery, and by inserting a single wildflower that you encounter during your walks, a new view is created.



Keshikifu is an art product that expresses a nonexistent landscape that fits in the palm of your hand, and the breeze blowing gently over the landscape through fragrance. Preserved and dried flowers are inserted into floating stones collected from Sakurajima to create an unknown landscape. The product comes with aroma oil blended by a perfumer using Japan-specific natural fragrances, such as yuzu, cypress, and shiso(perilla), to match the imagery of the landscape. When a drop is applied, you can feel the fragrance of "wind".

Hanayama 花山 はなやま

- Hanayama  fresh flower -

'A view of nature in the palm of your hand.' In a bowl small enough to fit both hands, we created an ideal landscape that does not exist with small flowers. This is the first work, the starting point for "Rain" and is the representative work in this series using fresh flowers. Vividly colored seasonal small flowers are inserted one by one with tweezers in a flat vessel. It is an imaginary landscape as if seen from the perspective of a bird soaring in the sky.

Hanayama 花山 はなやま
Hanayama 花山 はなやま
Hanayama 花山 はなやま

Hanayama  - preserved flower -

This series is expressed with preserved flowers that can be appreciated for a long time. Using small flowers, the series creates more detailed scenery, just like a landscape painting. A colorful field of flowers in the palm of your hand will take you somewhere other than here.

Hanayama 花山 はなやま
Hanayama 花山 はなやま
Hanayama 花山 はなやま
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